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Adding Private Capital Market Investments (Alternative Investments) isn’t difficult and can add significant benefits.  Let us help you can discover the power of adding alternatives to your portfolio.

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About me

Randy began his career in the Canadian Private Capital Markets in 2002, as an advisor with a large private real estate investment firm.  it didn't take Randy long to develop an extensive understanding of wealth creation and preservation.  in 2015, he joined WealthTerra as a Dealing Representative to better serve his clients and meet their objectives.

What is the Private Capital Market

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During your consultation you will discover how to...

Adjust your portfolio

Adding Alternatives to your portfolio may help you achieve your goals. Although our investment opportunities may not be suitable for everyone they generally offer diversification to most portfolios.

Understand Alternatives

At WealthTerra we strive to ensure you understand exactly what alternatives are and how they can impact your portfolio. Education is the key and we will do our best to ensure you have the right tools.

Unlock Opportunity

Once you understand Alternatives and the Private Capital Markets you will be able to unlock your opportunities.

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WealthTerra Capital Management Inc.

WealthTerra Capital Management Inc. is a registered Exempt Market Dealer in the provinces of AB, BC, MB, NL, & SK.  There are risks associated with investing please be sure to read and understand these risks prior to investing.