Why should you choose WealthTerra?

Break Free

We believe that if you continue to do what you have always done you will end up with what you alway have.  Time to break free and try something new!

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Investment Opportunities

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Farm Land Fund

Durum Properties Inc.


Income Trust

Equiton Capital

Real Estate Income Trust

ICM Real Estate Group

Real Estate Fund(s)


Capital Corporation

Maple Leaf Funds


NationWide Self Storage

Self Storage Real Estate Trust

NewLook Capital

Industrial Services Trust

Prestige Capital

Hospitality Fund


Real Estate Trust


Income Trust

Rockspring Capital

Real Estate Trust(s)

Temperance Capital

Income Trust
Understanding - Risks & Regulations

All investing comes with risk there's no way to avoid it.  Alternatives, just like traditional investments, have risks.  Our duty at WealthTerra is to ensure you are aware and have an understanding of those risks present in each investment. Our Private Wealth Advisors (Dealing Representatives) will ensure you understand how each Alternative Investment will effect your portfolio and the regulations which make them available.

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FAQ's - got questions

The best defence is a good offence and the best way to protect your wealth is by educating yourself.  A little time spent on due diligence will go a long way for years to come.  We strongly recommend and encourage our clients to get involved.  Ask questions like "What are the risks with this investment?", "Who are the managers?", "What is their experience?".  Know before you sign on the dotted line!

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Creating Your Portfolio

The trend of adding alternative investments to Canadian's portfolios is increasing.  More and more investors are looking at ways to increase their portfolio's diversification.  To meet this growing demand, WealthTerra offers alternative investment solutions which can be custom tailored towards specific client demands, across major asset classes and regions.

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WealthTerra Capital Management Inc.

WealthTerra Capital Management Inc. is a registered Exempt Market Dealer in the provinces of AB, BC, MB, NL, & SK.  There are risks associated with investing please be sure to read and understand these risks prior to investing.